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Zurbrigg Family Farm
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Product Types: Preserves, Vegetables, Bread

About Us
Beth and I have always been interested in gardening. From a small plot in her Grandmas garden during university to building a small Northern market garden, it's been an adventure to say the least. Growing and eating local has become more important to us since the addition of our three children. Abby, Cecilia and Brian are always ready to grow something new and out of the ordinary.

Beth was lucky enough to have family that taught her the value of preserved food and we've been doing it ever since we've been married. Jams, Pickles, Saurkraut and Relishes all fill in the repertoire.

We started raising chickens for eggs and it worked well. We're now in our second run of layers and tried broilers last year with great results. In the future we plan to build a small barn to allow us to raise sheep and alpaca to provide lamb, wool and fibre to co-op members as well.

We both grew up in Southwestern Ontario and saw the decline of the small family farm. To be in the Cloverbelt and see the possibility and potential in the area is so encouraging. We hope to develop into a profitable small holding while encouraging others to try new and different approaches to gardening and agriculture.

Where noted our baking is made with stone ground flour from Brule Creek Farms

Local fruits and vegetables are used when available from our own gardens or from other local producers. Ingredient sources for recipes is specified when available.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
All our products are made on site.

We do not knowingly use any chemicals in any of our practices.

Additional Information
Please return any jars or bottles to be sterilized and reused.

Highlights this Month
We are experimenting with eco friendly and chemical free cleaning. Look for new products as they become available.

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