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Product Types: pastry school trained baker produced baked goods, home cooked foods and, knit and crochet crafts

About Us
Getting back to my roots, I've dreamed for a long time of having my own self sufficient farm with the ability to produce sustainable goods for my own consumption and to give back to the community that's raised me by selling products and crafts straight from the land to the locals. I try to use as much locally grown and manufactured goods in the products I sell and hope that, as my own farm progresses, I can add more Annie's Creek produced items to my list!

Whenever possibly I use ingredients in my cooking and baked goods from right here on the cloverbelt local food co-op, local farmer's market and neighboring farm gate sales.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
All products from this farm are made with a focus on locally sourced, sustainably produced materials and ingredients.

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