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Dryden, ON
Canada County
807 223 7051 (home)
Product Types: wooden spoons , pendants , rings ,bird houses .

About Us
I have been involved in the ARTS in one way or other for many years . I live in DRYDEN but am originally from NOVA SCOTIA . I have a small workshop next to my home which you can find me in most days . I still create many different things ,furniture , art pieces , rings made of wood or bone , pendants made of wood or bone ,unique bird houses . I love working with my hands so most things I do are done by hand ,I try to approach things ethically so when I use woods or bone I seek out old or sustainable woods .If you would like to contact me through the CO-OP for any reason please feel free to do so. I do stand behind my work and if you have any problems , it will be resolved .

Additional Information
If you would like something special , it never hurts to ask . Sometimes the photos are missing detail . Most of my pieces are on my ETSY site in more detail and clearer photos . Look for Mill Town Boards . You will also see that the prices are higher because of shipping and other factors . If you would like better photos with more detail please contact me.

Non-Food Items — Accessories, Jewelry, Key Chains
Non-Food Items — Accessories, Jewelry, Key Chains
Ordering is currently closed #3068 – Hand made Pendant
1 more pendant available. Order number of pendants.
Antique bronze crucifix on hand shaped Walrus tusk , blood wood backing, gold pin shaped to accept new leather necklace. Very nice piece.
Production not specified