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Boreal Berry Farm & Winery
Product Types: pet supplement, whole food, organic,natural, berry powder

About Us
Early in 2005, we began our journey into holistic healing through natural foods grown on our family farm in Canada. As founders of a charitable pet rescue organization, we saw neglected, ill, injured and old pets, that while conventional medicine treated, needed a nutrient boost to get back healthy vitality and help maintain a well body for life. With a B.Sc in Chemistry and a background in organic farming, we found a natural fit in holistic healing with antioxidant rich fruits, vegetables and plant waters. Plant based nutrients, or phyto-nutrients, are the most bio-available form of nutrients for living beings, containing a wide array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants that help the body develop natural defenses against aging and disease. Berries are one of the most phyto-nutrient dense foods available. Studies showed berries like haskap, sea buckthorn, and lingonberries grown in Sub-Arctic Boreal and Alpine regions in Northern Canada and Europe, contained some of the most powerful and potent disease fighting and health promoting compounds in the world. We began planting these arctic super berries, known to contain superior antioxidant, vitamin and bio-active nutrient levels. Backed tests showing very high levels of healing and protective compounds in our cold climate grown berries, we expanded to a new farm, and began to produce certified organic and sustainable super berries in Northern Canada. Haskap berries became our focus, showing extremely potent results with natural disease fighting nutrients called phytochemicals and bioflavonoids. Boreal Berry Farm is now the largest certified organic super berry orchard in North America, and the first certified organic commercial Haskap Berry orchard in the world. In 2011 we started PetVita™'s parent company, Boreal Naturals Inc., to bring the best natural berry nutrition from the north to you and your family.

Whey, berry powders

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Non GMO, no colors, sweeteners, additives, fillers or flavors. Only simple, real natural and certified organic whole food ingredients.

Pet-Related — Pet Supplements
Pet-Related — Pet Supplements
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100g contains 4600mg natural Fatty Acids from berries which help support your pet's skin and coat. Sea Buckthorn Berries contain potent nutrients that research has shown to help:

Naturally nourish healthy skin and coat by providing the full complement of fatty acids required for optimal skin and hair follicle health

Promote cellular regeneration of skin cells to assist in repairing damage or injury
Heal skin infections

Healthy gastro intestinal system with protective effects on stomach and intestinal linings

Boost healthy mucous membranes lining the respiratory and digestive tracts

Rich in vitamin C
All Natural
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Simple and economical to feed, one package of PetVita™ is a 12 week supply for a dog or cat under 25lbs, and a 6 week supply for medium to large dogs.

100g contains 2290mg natural Polyphenols and Anthocyanins from berries which help support your pet's natural defenses. Haskap Berries contain powerful antioxidants that research has shown to help:

Protect cells, organs and tissues from oxidative damage

Provide cancer fighting phytonutrients, flavonoids and enzymes

Prevent inflammation and inflammatory responses

Support the immune system

Support joint and muscle recovery after exercise

Promote cardiovascular health

Helps to prevent light induced damage to the eyes and may benefit pets with age related macular degeneration and glaucoma

Protective effects for the aging brain
All Natural
Ordering is currently closed #2769 – Pet Vita Hemp
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100g contains 10,000mg natural bio-available plant globulin protein and 3500mg fiber from hemp seeds, powerful phyto-nutrient protein and fiber that research has shown to help:

Feed the immune system with globulin, the immune system's fuel to make disease-eradicating antibodies

Provide a vital balance of bio-available protein, fats and fiber to help stabilize blood sugar levels and maintain healthy weight

Provide a low phosphorus protein, suitable food supplement for phosphorus restricted diets

Feed probiotic and prebiotic gut bacteria with insoluble fiber to help maintain healthy gut environment

Provide highly absorbable Edestin, a vital protein is found only in hemp seed. Edestin aids digestion and is used by the body to repair cellular damage from viruses, toxins and the effects of aging.

Provide Albumin amino acids which are the basic building blocks required for the growth and maintenance of body tissue
All Natural