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Brigitte's Treasures
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Product Types: Featuring Jamaican Banana Bread and more...... and Quilted Oven Mitts and more

About Us
I was Born and lived in Germany until 15 years of age. I love the European style of baking. Over the years family and friends have enjoyed my Baking and Quilting immensely and have encouraged me to sell. When it comes to cooking and baking I create, I only make things that I would personally use and my standards are pretty high at that. A clean work space is very important to me, especially with food preperation.

As for sewing and quilting, I started sewing my own clothes all through high school and still sew some clothes to this day. But, my passion is quilting now. I started quilting in 2007 and have won many ribbons at exhibitions.

It brings me joy to create new things in Baking as well as Quilting.

I use unsalted butter, olive oil, canola oil or pure coconut oil (no margarine or shortening), pure Vanilla extract whenever possible and pure chocolate chips in my recipes and I do not add any additional salt. Everything is made from scratch without adding any preservatives.

Local vegetables are used when available from my own garden

**If prefered I can package any item in paper bags. Just leave me a note
saying "paper"**

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