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My-Pride Farm
807-631-9598 (cell)
Product Types: Veal

About Us
My-Pride Farm is located in Thunder Bay, ON. It is owned an operated by Mike Visser. My-Pride Farm was established in 2012 "I grew up in Southern Ontario, I have always had a passion for agriculture and work in the Ag industry for many years. Although this was great and gave me a lot of experience, I still had a desire to have my own farm. With the rising rates of land prices I started exploring other regions of Ontario. I already had connections in Thunder Bay and was aware of the growing demand for locally produced food in the Northwest. So in the summer of 2012 I found full time employment and a farm to rent and began a new adventure. 3 years later I was able to purchase my own farm and am now fulltime on the farm!"

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
My-Pride Farm takes great pride in raising cattle using ethical practices and having a high standard for animal care. The cattle do not receive any hormone implants. Antibiotics are only used when absolutely necessary. The calves are all housed in large pens along with other calves. They have access to free choice feed and water.

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