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About Us
Superior Seed Producers is a collective of local Thunder Bay area growers who promote the saving and distribution of locally adapted, sustainably grown, open-pollinated non-GMO seeds in Northwestern Ontario, while educating and supporting those who want to learn more about saving seeds.

open pollinated, locally adapted seed, grown in Thunder Bay area

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
Open pollinated, locally adapted seed, grown in Thunder Bay area
All seed is grown naturally. Germination testing is carried out in the winter months to ensure seed viability. The testing methods used are controlled so that the tests can be repeated.

All growers work together, and independently, to continue improving our seed production methods and efficiencies. We encourage others to start saving seed and attending workshops and online learning venues to learn more about how to save seed.

Additional Information
Our aim is to provide gardeners who have favourite varieties adapted to our climate an opportunity to share them in a meaningful way that acknowledges the work involved. By including numerous growers who can contribute one or a few locally adapted varieties, we are developing a range of local seeds to sell.

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