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My-Pride Farm
807-631-9598 (cell)
Product Types: lamb

About Us
Reidridge Farm is owned and operated by Jason and Trudy Reid and their daughters Olivia and Emma. We purchased the farm in 2003 and have dabbled in a number of different things, but sheep and beef seem to be what suits us best. Currently we have about 300 ewes and 40 beef cows. Our focus is to raise high quality meat. Mike Visser from My-Pride Farm retails our meat for us, if you have any further inquiries please feel free to contact him at 807-631-9598 or

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
We strive to give our livestock the highest quality care possible. Our sheep are pastured in the summer with access to grain and minerals. In the winter they are fed forage and grain. Antibiotics are only used when an animal requires them. This is done under the supervision of our veterinarian and the dosage and withdrawal times are strictly followed.

Meats — Lamb
Meats — Lamb
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These slightly smoky mild flavoured pepperettes are great snacks. They come in packs of 5.
All Natural