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Oxdrift, ON
Canada County
937-5028 (home)
221-8541 (cell)
Product Types: Chicken (whole and pieces) and Beef

About Us
We are a family run Century farm (family owned for 100 years) located in Oxdrift. There are currently 3 generations of farmers on the farm and we are instilling a strong sense of farming and agriculture in the youngest generation. Our family has a passion for farming and delivering high quality products to consumers.

Practices (our standards for raising or making our products)
We are currently running an artisanal chicken operation as well as following the Chicken Quality Assurance Program. Our free-range meat chickens which are raised on our farm are processed locally at the Oxdrift Abattoir. We also run a cow-calf beef operation and finish a few calves each year. Our cows, which are raised on pasture, eat a combination of forage (grown on farm) as well as grain. Our finished beef is grain fed. Our beef animals are not treated with the use of added growth hormones. Our finished beef is also locally processed in Oxdrift.

Highlights this Month
We will have free-range meat chickens available for purchase in early September! Be sure to keep an eye our for our pre-order listings!

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