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Boreal Birch Syrup
Product Types: 100% Pure Boreal Birch Syrup

About Us
We started producing birch syrup near Thunder Bay in 2006. We learned the art and science of birch syrup production the previous spring in the Yukon. We operate on a 65 acre piece of Crown Land outside of Thunder Bay, tapping 600 trees each season. Our production methods blend traditional and modern technologies. We collect sap using buckets on spiles, and pump it through a network of tubing throughout the sugarbush that lead to large tanks at our sugar shack. During collection we filter raw sap through a reverse osmosis unit which concentrates the sugar content of the sap and reduces water content. The concentrated sap is then boiled in a wood-fired evaporator and later finished using propane stoves and filtered with a press. The result is a dark, bold, sweet and delicious syrup very different from maple.

Birch Sap

Jams, Jellies, & Sweeteners — Other
Jams, Jellies, & Sweeteners — Other
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