Preparing dried mushrooms for use in soups, sauces and stews

Dried mushrooms are best used after a rinse and soak. Before using dried mushrooms in a recipe, even if it’s a soup or a stew, it’s best to rehydrate them in hot water. This is necessary for two reasons:

First, it plumps up the mushrooms, and, as a bonus, the soaking liquid creates a flavorful broth, which you can incorporate into a dish much as you would any other kind of broth. Second, soaking also helps remove grit from the mushrooms that would otherwise spoil your dish. Then, incorporate them into your dish as you would any other type of mushroom. Sautéing with your onions and garlic really helps to bring out the flavour. They keep well, so having a stash in your pantry is a great way to keep a boost of flavour on hand! For more information on using dried mushrooms visit: