Love Local Box Subscriptions are Back!!

Did you love your first Love Local Box subscription? Disappointed you missed out on the first round? Here’s your chance to order your subscription! This time we’ll be providing more complete meals in every box!

Take all the planning out of 3 meals a month! From meats, veggies, sauces, recipe cards and more! We’ve got you covered with ingredients for three complete meals in every box! It works out to less than $50.00 per box! ONLY $149.00 for a 3 month subscription.

We will again be partnering with Superior Seasons in Thunder Bay to bring you a monthly dose of local food! We will also be working with Freshwater Cuisine to include a freshwater fish meal created by a local chef in each monthly box! Sign up for a three month subscription and get a monthly delivery of a variety of delicious local ready-to-make meals chosen just for you! Stay tuned for more meal announcements!

Your first Love Local Box will contain:
Stuffed Tubilee and Pilaf / Marinated Pork Chops and Wild Rice Salad / Hearty Veal Stew
• Tubilee from Walleye Wings
Canadian Pure Wild Rice
• Winter Squash, Carots, Onions, Celery, and Potatoes (Fingerling Mix) from Belluz Farms and Superior Seasons
Hagens Dressing
• 4 Pack of Chops from Wall’s Pork Shop
• Garlic from Tim and Carolle Eady
• Veal Cubes from My-Pride Farm
Brule Creek Farms Oil
• Stone-ground Spelt Flour from LoonSong Farm
• Chicken Stock from Ontario Natural Food Co-op
• Herbes De Provence from Crazy Good Spices

Your first box will also include a recipe card for veal stew and a wild rice salad AND chef Jay with Freshwater Cuisine will demonstrate how to cook the meal live on his Facebook page the day after you receive your box (or catch the video later)!
These ingredients will create recipes to feed approximately 2 adults and 2 children.

There’s still time to get your subscription! Shop this weekend here!

To see what our first Love Local Box program brought subscribers, visit our LLB webpage!