About Us

We want to make the Cloverbelt Local Food Co-op a lasting, vibrant component of our community, and the District. The Cloverbelt Local Food Co-operative aims to strengthen food security by encouraging diverse local food production, thereby enhancing overall rural sustainability. On way we hope to achieve this is through our online farmers’ market. In other words, we want to be your farm to table connection – supporting our local food producers, and putting better, fresher food on your table.

The CLFC strives to foster a thriving local food community by:

  • cultivating & facilitating farmer-consumer relationships;
  • promoting the enjoyment of naturally grown, fairly priced, healthy food;
  • and providing education & resources regarding environmentally sensitive agriculture.

To succeed, we will continuously need the strong support of our general membership and continual ingenuity of our producer members to support and feed our community.  We hope to share the knowledge of our local producers with our members, and the community as a whole – and create an environment for that knowledge sharing to take place.

We hope you’ll join us, and help the local food movement grow.  It’s about better food, fresher food, sustainable practices, and making meal time more enjoyable for everyone!

2018-19 Board of Directors:
Jen Springett, President (Dryden consumer)

Chris Pollard, Webmaster (Dryden consumer) (2020)

Chris Godin, Director (Dryden producer) (2020)
Sarah Mckenzie, Treasurer (Dryden consumer)
Paul Drombolis, Director (Thunder Bay producer)
Northwestern Health Unit (community organization) (2020) Representative: Jaclyn Shewchuk, Food Logistics Coordinator, Red Lake

VACANT- Consumer Director

VACANT- Producer Director

Kathy Lindholm, Administrative Co-ordinator

Andrea Habinski, Northwest SNAPP Co-ordinator

Many Delivery Day Volunteers who we couldn’t operate without! 🙂

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