CLFC Producer Seeking to Hire Intern!

Wall’s Pork Shop in Oxdrift is looking to hire a full time employee to help with their hog and vegetable operations. This position will involve caring for, butchering and processing pigs as well as helping with duties involved in vegetable and crop production. Other main tasks for the intern will be to help build a root cellar and to help with potato harvest this fall. This is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on agricultural experience as well as to learn butchering and processing skills.

In order to qualify for this position, you must:

  • be 30 years or younger
  • have graduated from a university or college program
  • be a Canadian citizen/ permanent resident
  • be able to lift up to 70lb
  • be willing to be involved with the slaughter and processing of animals

We need to fill this position as quickly as possible!

For more information or to apply, please contact Andrea at 221-3293 or email

Farm to Fork: Honey Love Event Details!



Tickets are now SOLD OUT for this sweet event!

Here are the much anticipated details:

Farm to Fork: Honey Love

Sunday, February 8 from 6 – 9 p.m. at Kano Reid

Cost: $50 per person (plus applicable taxes and fees) – Bottles of wine also available for purchase (pre-sale online) to compliment your meal.

Includes: 5-course-honey inspired meal, expertly prepared by Kano Reid’s Red Seal Chef Kyle Barker, washed down with a pint of Lake of the Woods Honey Lager,  while local honey producer Paula Hughes from Cherry Bell Hideout delves into the subtleties of honey production.

5-course-honey-inspired menu:

Amuse bouche: Charcuterie, Thunder Oak Gouda cheeses, hot pepper jelly, apple, pickle, creamed honey, bee pollen.

Appetizer: “Eggs Charlotte.” Soft poached egg, Eagle Lake whitefish, mead reduction hollandaise, English muffin, radish, bee pollen

Salad: Rabbit and wild rice in honey lager vinaigrette, dried cranberry, orange segments, honey glazed pistachios, torn radicchio.

Main: Bee pollen crusted rack of lamb, celeriac purée, sautéed fennel, honey and saffron cream sauce, tarragon and rosemary oils.

Dessert: Bread pudding, spun honey, grapefruit-pecan honey

Featuring local suppliers:

Cherry Belt Hideout, Honey Mill Farms, Rainy River Meats, Thread of Flour, Lake of the Woods Brewery, Hale’s Fisheries, Bulk Zone and Thunder Oak Cheese Farm.

Include Local Foods in your New Year’s Resolutions

If every household in Ontario spent $10 a week on local food, we’d have an additional $2.4 billion in our local economy at the end of the year. Keeping our money circulating grows those dollars to $3.6 billion and creates 10,000 new jobs.*

This week’s newsletter includes 5 great reasons to include more local foods in your New Year’s Resolutions.

Also, I tell you about some of this week’s new features…like roasting chickens, and Stella’s famous lemon meringue pies, made just for you!

*The numbers were compiled by Dr. Kevin Stolerick of The Martin Prosperity Institute, University of Toronto, and Doug Vallery of Experience Renewal Solutions, Toronto. Compliments of