Community Greenhouse Contributions

Nutritious food is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle for all families. Connecting individuals to the origins of their food, and teaching food production skills, is a critical component of building a thriving local food community, ensuring a stable supply of local food for years to come, and reducing Dryden’s carbon footprint by reducing food imports.

Thank you to the following individuals who have generously contributed to our fundraising campaign. Because of them, we will be able to invest in a brighter future of local food production in our community, by providing a greenhouse to make more local food available, and offer educational support and programs for residents of our community from school age through adulthood.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the following individuals and organizations:

  • Bill Schneider
  • Nicole Gale
  • Anne Sikkema
  • Garth Wintle
  • Mary Trist
  • Judy Malyk
  • Jaqueline Saville
  • Mel Fisher
  • Laurie & Doug Roberts
  • Carl Eisner
  • Stephanie & Jamie Cran
  • Calista & Jim Livingston
  • Marlene & Wayne Rhyner
  • Jenn Bachynski
  • Syrena & Mike Lalonde
  • Samantha Hawkins Photography
  • Diane Beasant
  • Claude Lord
  • Barry & Janet Ankney
  • Laroche Family
  • Catherine Kiewning
  • Susan & Ed Lappage
  • Tim & Carolle Eady
  • Rena Madden
  • Wendy & Colin Springett
  • Michelle H. Arseneault
  • Hans & Janice Spies
  • Domtar
  • Jessica & Isaac Kiewning
  • Lesley & Trevor Norman
  • Karen Bevilacqua
  • Maxine Moulton
  • Josee-Anne Led Dorze & Tim Smith
  • Beverly MacDonald
  • Michelle May
  • Organic Roots Salon
  • Lokah Sangha Yoga
  • Timbermax
  • Dryden Highschool 2014 Grade 11 Construction Technology Class
  • B&M Delivery
  • Al Marion Contracting
  • RES Equipment Sales
  • George McNaughton
  • Mike Clayton
  • Pekka Tuisku

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