How It Works

So, how does this whole local food co-op work?

Think of it like a farmer’s market – but online!  Our producers list the products they have available to purchase, and our members log in every week to choose from what’s in stock – filling their basket with whatever they want.  Our order cycle opens at 2pm every Saturday, and you have until 10am on Monday to make your selections.  What’s different from most online shopping you’re probably used to is that there is no “checkout” button when you’re done.  Your basket stays open – and you’re free to make changes – until 10am Monday.  At that time, whatever you have left in your basket is your order.

Looking for more information? Click on the links below for video tutorials to walk you through the process!

How to Become a Member

How to Shop

That’s when our producers get to work!

They check THEIR sales baskets to see what has been purchased.  Then they get things packaged up, weighed if they need to, and drop them off at our Dryden hub – the Dryden District Agricultural Society Fairgrounds – Tuesday afternoon.  Our dedicated volunteers then sort everything that comes in, assembling each order by 4pm so you can pick it up, take it home, and enjoy fresh, local products each week.  They also put together orders that are sent out to our regional food hubs – including Sioux Lookout, Ignace, and Upsala, and Kenora.

Pick-up times are:
Dryden: 4-6pm Tuesdays at the DDAS Fairgrounds
Sioux Lookout: 5-6pm every FIRST & THIRD Tuesday of the month at the Sioux Lookout Tourist Information Centre. There is also a $10 delivery fee for each order associated with delivery to this community.
Ignace: 4:30-6pm every THIRD Tuesday at the Ignace Food Bank.
Upsala: every THIRD Tuesday at the Upsala General Store.
Kenora: 5:45-6:30pm every Tuesday expect that following a long weekend at the Kenora Recreation Centre until November 14th, 2017.  Effective November 21st, 2017 pick up will be out of Broken Paddle Coffee Roastery & Kitchen.  807 St Clair St, Kenora, ON

Do you have questions about becoming a producer member or how to sell your products through CLFC? Check out these helpful videos for more information.

How do you pay us?

Paying for your new membership:

If you want to dive right in after signing up, the fastest and easiest way is through your bank’s website, by sending an Interac e-Transfer. Your bank may charge extra for this service. Ask your bank for details. Where do you send it? Read under “Paying for your order,” below.

You may also pay in person, by cheque, at your local pick-up location.

Paying for your order:

There are two ways to pay for your orders each week.  You can write a cheque payable to Cloverbelt Local Food Co-Op and bring it with you to pick up, or you can use your bank’s website to send us an Interac e-Transfer.**  Then you just bring a copy of your e-transfer receipt to pick up.

After that?  Take your goodies home and enjoy fresh, locally produced goods with your family!

*Please note that cash is not our preferred method of payment for safety reasons.

** To send an Interac E-transfer from your financial institution, email us at and for the security question use: What City did the Co-Op originate in? (Answer: Dryden).

So that’s how it all works.

But first, you have to become a member!  That starts with filling out our membership form online.  You’ll find that here.  Once you’ve filled out your membership form, our staff will verify the account and you’ll be able to login.