Organizational Members

What are organizational members?  They are community-minded businesses who support the Cloverbelt Local Food Co-Op, and local agriculture. As members, they can purchase things if they wish, and vote at our general meetings too, but they don’t sell anything through the co-op.  They help to ensure we protect our community’s interests as we move ahead. We appreciate their support a LOT!  If your business is interested in becoming a member, just fill out the CLFC Membership Application and send it in!

Thank you to our organizational members :

B&B's Roadhouse and Grill

Dryden Veterinary Services

Egli’s Sheep Farm and Animal Park
Egli's Sheep Farm and Animal Park

Northwestern Health Unit

Food Security Research Network

Dryden & District Horticultural Society

Kenora 4-H Association

Evergreen Thumbs Horticultural Society


Dryden Development Corporation

Dryden District Agricultural Society

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