Note: If you don’t see your town listed here, please contact We are adding new routes all the time and if there is interest in a particular location, we may be able to add it.
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Route: Dryden
(Hub: DR) Pegee:
∗• Dryden Agricultural Complex
  Weekly member pickup from the Dryden Agricultural Complex at the fairgrounds. Please come around to the back door, near the barn.

Route: Emo
(Hub: EMO) Pick up at Emo Feeds, 21 Canning Lane.
∗• Emo
  Pick up at Emo Feeds, 21 Canning Lane in Emo

Route: Ignace
(Hub: IG) Deborah Parker 807-936-0178
∗• Ignace
  Pick up at the Ignace Food Bank.

Route: Kenora
(Hub: KN) St. Louis School 420 8th St. Keewatin Coordinator: Jessalyn Watt Time: 5:30-6:30 PM NO CASH ACCEPTED AT THIS SITE. Cheque or electronic money transfers only.
∗• Kenora
  Pick up at St. Louis School Gymnasium, 420 8th Street, Keewatin

Route: Sioux Lookout
(Hub: SL) Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Centre: Brittany 737-2991,
∗• Sioux Lookout Delivery Charge: $5.00
  Pick up from the Sioux Lookout Chamber of Commerce Tourist Information Centre.

Route: Upsala
(Hub: UP) Trish Brown -
∗• Upsala
  Pick up at the Upsala store.